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Uber Rewards and Benefits That You as an Uber Driver Need to Know About

While Uber started as a simple app where you could tap and get a premium black car in just a handful of cities, the rideshare company has exploded and is now in over 600 cities worldwide with over a billion Uber users, including driver partners and riders. In the United States alone there are 160,000 drivers on the road making it easier for people to hail a ride.

As Uber continues to grow, undoubtedly reaching farther and farther making it possible for almost anyone to hail a ride with just a tap of a button. Uber also invests itself into not only helping ride-hailers but the Uber Drivers behind the wheel. The international ride-sharing company has created a Uber rewards program that gives local discounts to all its Uber Driver Partner. For the most part, all it takes is showing the Uber Partner app or entering your Driver ID to receive the Uber benefits!


Online Discounts & Local Uber Rewards for Drivers



We are now offering our own special discount for Uber Drivers, where you will receive 22% off the regular price of our custom seat covers. We are super happy to be able to offer this to all Uber Drivers in the United States and Canada! We not only wanted to let you as Uber Drivers know about our own Uber reward but make sure you’re also aware of all the other great discounts out there for Uber Driver Partners.

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Automotive accessories aren’t the only thing that Uber Drivers can save on though; there are tons of local perks out there. We thought we’d tally up a hit list for drivers in major cities that have Uber in both USA and Canada; making it easy for you all to reap the benefits of being an Uber Driver! As we’re sure there will be new rewards popping up all the time, we’ve included a easy to access link for each city to see the most up-to-date list of Uber rewards and benefits.

Time to save as an Uber Driver with these partner perks!


Uber Rewards in the Top 10 Uber USA Cities


Here we will list the local perks for 10 of major cities in the USA and the local Uber benefits for each city’s rideshare partners. Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?


Uber NYC


We start the list of Uber rewards in the US with The Big Apple.

As an Uber Driver in NYC, you will receive discounts and partner perks that will help you save on both car repair and maintenance. Plus, you’ll get cheaper parking using SpotHero’s promo code. Uber Partner Discounts extend farther than the health of your car, but you can save on yours too with the GoHealth Urgent Care Services.

More Perks for Uber Partners in NYC


Uber Chicago


Now onto the Windy City!

For those driving for Uber in Chicago, you have a handful of different automotive maintenance discounts including Jiffy Lube, Dryv, and Weathertech to keep your car running and you making that money!

Another cool perk is that if you’re ever hungry, you get 20% off at Si Pie Pizzaria and if you ever need that extra caffeine kick, select Dunkin Donuts locations give Uber Driver Partners $1 coffee refills when you bring in your Uber Tumbler Mug.

See Other Great Perks and Savings in Chicago


Uber Houston


Moving down to the South Central region of the United States, we hit Houston, Texas.

In Houston, Uber Drivers get the usual automotive maintenance savings, but you also get local perks like phone plan discounts for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint.

Better yet, there’s even a handful of pampering perks for Uber Drivers in Houston. You can save 5 bucks on getting your haircut, 30% off on a mani-pedi, and even 30% off on a nice massage after a long day driving around.

Find More Uber Driver Partner Perks in Houston


Uber Dallas


Moving onto another city in the large state of Texas, here are just some of the local discounts in Dallas.

As per usual, Uber Drivers in Dallas get car maintenance discounts, although it is a bit more limited (car wash and oil changes only). Where the discounts are really at is when it comes to food. You can save 50% on your morning bagels at Boopa’s Bagel Deli, eat a delicious sandwich from Planet Sub for half the price, and get a $5 cheese pizza from Rocco’s. If you’re a fan of Speedzone, Uber Driver Partners get 68% off the ride pass, which is pretty sweet too!

Additional Sweet Uber Rewards for Dallas Drivers


Uber Los Angeles


Now heading West, Los Angeles is the next top city for Uber and here’s the lowdown on the rewards for being an Uber Driver.

Precision Auto Care, Funk Brother Auto (love the name), and multiple NAPA Auto Parts locations are just a few of the automotive discounts Uber Drivers in Los Angeles receive. Not to mention, a bunch of car washes offering a variety of discounted services that’ll keep your car sparkly and clean.  

For that mandatory morning coffee, you can head to Haus Coffee for 20% off your total bill. Another awesome Uber reward, if you want to grab a bite to eat after work, you get 20% off at Pub Nowhere and Agaves Kitchen & Tequila. Unfortunately, you do not get discounts on drinks though.

See More discounts for Uber Drivers in LA


Uber Philadelphia


The next top city for Uber Drivers in the USA is good old Philly!

The list of perks for Uber Drivers in Philadelphia may not be as long as others, but you still get the all-important Uber rewards for automotive maintenance and services. Plus, other Uber benefits include discounts on financial management and health insurance.

What’s super great for Uber Drivers is the extremely useful discount on phone plans which as you know, Uber drivers absolutely need. The 15-18% discount isn’t just for you the Uber Driver, but it extends to your family too.

See a Few More Uber Perks for Philadelphia


Uber San Antonio


Jumping back to Texas, our next stop on the Uber rewards hit list is San Antonio.

The Uber benefits for drivers in San Antonio are growing as the city’s total number of Uber Drivers grows. For now, Uber has partnered with car services like Jiffy Lube and Always Shine ‘n Mobile Detailing to keep your car running smoothly and clean.

Health insurance and financial management are a few more Uber discounts you’ll receive if you show your Uber Driver App at the specified locations.

More Uber Benefits for Philly!


Uber San Diego


Cruising back to California now, let’s take a look at the local Uber rewards in San Diego.

As an Uber Driver in San Diego, you will be happy to know that after sitting in your car driving around, for how ever many hours, you can hit up Extreme Fitness where your first class is free and any other gym packages are 30% off.

You aren’t just discounted on your own health, but with NAPA Auto Parts, Brake Depot, Arcade Car Wash, and several other car discounts; you’ll save on maintaining the health of your ride too.

Additional Uber Benefits for Drivers in San Diego


Uber Phoenix


Heading on over to the capital city of Arizona, next up on our list is Phoenix.

Saving on automotive services like oil changes and car washes are just the beginning for being an Uber Driver in Phoenix. You will also benefit from discounts on pet supplies and food at the Pet Food Depot and get 25% off your own lunch at the Grab-n-Go Market on any game day.

Beyond that, you get Uber rewards on gym passes, salon services, and quite a few other food-related Uber discounts.

See All the Uber Benefits for Phoenix Drivers


Uber San Francisco


Last, but definitely not least, for the Uber USA list of top cities and their local Uber rewards, we have San Francisco.

For those who drive for Uber in San Fran, there’s a decent amount of different food discounts like 20% off pick up orders at SF Hole in the Wall Pizza (don’t be discouraged by the name) and get the latest deal at Naan ‘n’ Curry just by showing your Uber partner app.

After indulging in some delicious pizza or curry, you can head on over to the local gym, Crunch Fitness for discounted packages. A nice added Uber Driver bonus is savings at Life Chiropractic which may come in handy from driving around all the time.

More Uber Benefits in San Francisco


Uber Rewards in the Top 3 Uber Canada Cities


Now for all the Uber partners in Canada. There are Uber benefits for you too! Here are the three major cities and their local perks. There’s not as many discounts as of yet, but that will surely come in time. So check back!


Uber Toronto


For those who drive for Uber in T.O., you will be happy to know there are local benefits that’ll save you that hard earned money.

If you ever need your car serviced, Canadian Tire is the way to go with tons of locations that offer discounts for Uber Drivers when they show their Uber partner app. There are a number of other automotive service Uber rewards at other automotive service shops like Midas and Speedy Auto Service. So you got lots to choose from.

Other than that, being an Uber Driver in Toronto means you’ll get discounts for online TurboTax software and if you like to do your taxes in-person, there are savings at H&R Block as well. If you have ever heard (or use) Daily Pay, this is something available to Ontario Uber Drivers, where you can get paid on a daily basis which is a pretty awesome Uber benefit.

Find More Perks for Uber Drivers in Toronto


Uber Montreal


Heading over to Quebec, to the historic city of Montreal, drivers get a handful of practical Uber rewards and discounts such as 15% off at Mister Muffler, Prime Lava Auto for a $10 car wash, as well as a fast track driving program at Carthage Driving School (can’t hurt right?).

A non-car related discount is on the TurboTax software to help keep track of all your business and personal expenses as an Uber Driver.

Full List of Rewards for Uber Driver in Montreal


Uber Calgary


We now come the last major Uber city in Canada and the end of our list!


In Calgary, as an Uber Driver, you get discounts on both automotive and medical services. Automotive discounts for partners include; Mr. Lube, Canadian Tire, and Tire Kinds.

As far medical benefits go, Uber Driver Partners get your Class 4 medical examine at Marlborough Medical Clinic for only $45. You can also head on over to Apex Medical Clinic for the Class 4 exam.

More Uber Rewards for Drivers in Calgary


Hope all you Uber Drivers out there take advantage of these discounts. These Uber rewards and benefits are super easy to redeem so you might as well, right?

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