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The Ferrari 250 GTO: Most Expensive Car in the World Ever Sold at Auction

The 1962-64 Ferrari 250 GTO is a stunning piece of machinery.

During the two years that it was produced, from 1962-64, only 39 units were made. The Ferrari 250 GTO was designed to be a true racing car. With a Tipo 168/62 V12 engine capable of 174 mph, this racecar was a bullet on the track back in the ‘60s. With its successful and stunning GTO design, the car has become not only one of the most expensive Ferrari automobiles, but the most valuable car in the world ever to be sold at auction. Nice going Ferrari.  Two for two!

Just how much is the most expensive car in the world? Well, the Ferrari 250 GTO cost far more than a pretty penny that’s for sure. More like $38 million pretty pennies. Back in 2014, the 250 was sold at a jaw dropping $38.1 million. If that Ferrari 250 GTO price-point doesn’t make you sweat, just you wait… There’s another one on the auction block valued at even more.

In 2016, a white Ferrari 250 GTO became available for purchase and is said to be valued at a heart-stopping $56.4 million. When it does sell, it is likely to go for more, being that the previous auctioned 250 went for $8 million over the estimate. The higher price for the white 250 could be due to the fact that is the second 250 GTO made of the limitedly produced racecar. Whoever buys this car is going to pay through the nose, that’s for sure. But being one of the most sought out car in the world, it might just be worth it.

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Behind the Buck: The Ferrari 250 GTO Specs


The “250” in the Ferrari 250 GTO is indicative of the movement of the each individual cylinder in cubic centimeters. The V 12 engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission that’s locked and loaded to hit rocket-like speeds. To top it off, the second part of the Ferrari’s name, “GTO”, stands for Gran Turismo Omologato, which makes it all the more apparent that this car is track ready.

The car debuted on March 19, 1962 at Sebring 12 Hours. For its time, the 2-door, fixed-head body style coupe was a solid contender on the track; clocking 0-60 mph 5.4 seconds and hitting quarter mile speeds of 113 mph. With 302 horsepower and torque of 246 at 5,500 RPM, there was no stopping this classic racecar from reaching the finish line.  Of course, the ultra-light car was built for speed, with a weight of 2,094 lbs.

While this GTO was not necessarily the fastest out there in 1962, it did manage to take second place in its first race and continued to have a successful track record from there on out. No one could have expected it would to become the most expensive car in the world as of 2017.

You’ve got see what this ultra-rare, super expensive racecar has under its hood. You won’t be disappointed.



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