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The Joker’s Car in Suicide Squad: A Super-Evil Vehicle for the Iconic DC Super-Villain

Suicide Squad, quite possibly one of the most hyped-up and anticipated movies of summer 2016, just hit theaters on Aug. 5.

While the Suicide Squad movie itself did not get the response that was expected (and now, many DC fans are up in arms), for us car enthusiasts, there’s one thing that stands out, and that is the Joker’s super-evil, super-awesome, and super-pink sports car. To match the maniac behind the wheel, DC needed to create something unique and, of course, crazy.

Don’t worry: There are no plot spoilers here, just a few kick-ass trailers and car pics from the film. Let’s check out the Joker’s villain-tastic car, shall we?

The Joker Custom Car: A Closer Look


When we saw the first glimpses of Jared Leto’s rendition of the iconic super-villain, it was undeniable that his performance would be all-out crazy, in all senses of the word. In order to live up to the insanity that is Leto’s Joker, his vehicle had to have its own air of craziness to it, and therefore, a Joker custom car design was a must.

Check out the look of Leto’s magenta sports car in one of Suicide Squad’s trailers:.



While initially, there was a rumor of the Joker’s car being a purple Lamborghini, it turns out that it was not the same luxury car that was originally spotted in a Skrillex and Rick Ross music vide

It all started with a ten-year-old Infiniti and a custom-made Vaydor body that was mounted to the chassis of the car. This custom body was made specifically for the movie.

The official Joker car was designed by Matt McEntegart of Vaydor Exotica.

When McEntegart was asked to design the car, he was not given very much detail at all, other than that he was going to be designing “the villain’s car” for an upcoming movie.

Little did he know that he’d be designing a car for one of the most notorious DC villains ever. In fact, the Joker ranks as one of the deadliest super-villains in comics.

Get a closer look at the Vaydor:


One-of-a-Kind Car


The custom job does not affect the inner mechanics of the vehicle. The conversion didn’t call for chassis-stretching or alterations to any of the major mechanical parts or engine electronics. However, because a major modification was done to the body of the Infinity, an entirely new interior was needed, including the seats.

If you are in love with the super-awesome Joker car, you are entirely capable of getting it — no joke(r)!

Vaydor Exotica actually sells the Joker custom car kit for $16,000, and the cost of the fully customized G35 is approximately $60,000. For Joker-crazed fans, this is entirely affordable and do-able. McEntegart has also posted instructions online to help people put together their own Vaydor cars.

Reviews and rants about the film aside, at least for us car enthusiasts, we can appreciate the unique and custom vehicle that is the Joker’s car.


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