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Secretive Car Company Faraday Future Talks AI, Multi-Seat EVs, and More – Exclusive Interview

An In-Depth Look at the New Kid on the EV Block –Faraday Future

There is a lot of buzz in the media right now about new electric vehicle (EV) company Faraday Future (FF). The startup seemingly came out of nowhere and is currently making a huge impact on the EV world.

Even with significant press and social media attention, FF is still secretive about its upcoming EV projects. Auto-blog giant, Jalopnik, published an article about just how “mysterious” the EV startup is.

The company’s intrigue stems not only from its uniquely designed concept car, the FFZERO1, but also from its leaders’ forward thinking mentality regarding technological advancement – especially artificial intelligence (AI) – something that the automotive industry has barely tapped into.

In an effort to get more insight into FF, we decided to dig deeper to uncover the mysteries behind the company’s technology, AI, and outlook for the future through contacting FF directly.

After a revealing email interview with the FF Press Team, we have the inside scoop on FF and their intentions for the future of EV technology.


The Name ‘Faraday Future’ Symbolizes Technological Advancement


There is significant meaning behind the EV startup’s name. The name ‘Faraday Future’ represents the discovery that led to the invention of electric motors and therefore signifies the essence of the company itself. As the FF Press Team reveals in the interview, “Our name is inspired by the founding principles of electric motors, known as Faraday’s Law, created by Michael Faraday”. By branding the company with Faraday’s iconic name, FF is able to reflect on the past and emphasize its push for the future of EV technology.

While the first part of their name reflects on the past and this monumental scientific discovery, FF is a progressive and driven startup automaker with a “vision of tomorrow” that emphasizes its need to remain focused on the future through innovative advancements in the EV sector. FF’s impact on the EV industry is telling of just how bright the future looks for the company.

The Press Team elaborated on their vision for tomorrow explaining how their biggest driving force is developing “a new driver focused, technologically advanced experience” and always thinking “What if?”

Faraday Future’s Car is a New Kind of EV (No, It’s Not a One-Seater)


As Car and Driver wrote, Faraday Future’s vision of tomorrow is not the future we were expecting”. These words ring true considering FF’s future EVs are expected to be very different from anything currently on the market. The company will be able to adapt, change, and learn from its drivers by utilizing AI developed by FF. The startup’s leaders’ belief that the cars of today are not meeting consumers’ needs indicates their dedication to developing AI that will create a completely new kind of driving experience.

The startup company recently took the spotlight at the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show with the unveiling of its out-of-this world, futuristic EV design – the FFZERO1. However, its concept car received mixed reviews as it was not necessarily considered a consumer car because of its 1,000 horsepower engine and one-seat capacity. While Tamara Warren from The Verge writes how FF’s concept car “looks more appropriate for a race track than a city street,” others are in awe. For example, Mashable writer, Nick Jaynes, says the car “should make Tesla very nervous”.

After interviewing the FF Press Team, we can now clear the air as they told us how the company’s “production vehicles will have more than one seat” and less horsepower. The FFZERO1 was merely a “car of concepts” that was revealed to demonstrate the company’s advanced technology and “examples of [Faraday Future’s] engineering and design capabilities”. The team also revealed that three of the FFZERO1’s features will be included in FF’s future EVs. These features are bundled as the UFO line which includes the headlight band and the helix-shaped instrument panel, giving the vehicles a sleek, futuristic look.

The Press Team explained how the “FFZERO1 is not intended to go into production as of now”. The first mass produced EV will be a “premium electric vehicle and it will be built at our North Las Vegas facility. They also revealed how FF anticipates to sell internationally “with the US and China being the biggest markets for FF”.


Forward Thinking is what Faraday Does Best


Faraday Future’s technologically advanced capabilities combined with its development of innovative AI have the potential to propel the automotive industry into the future. The company’s dedication to a completely new driving experience is where its leaders’ visionary goals and ambitions are truly apparent. The Press Team explained further:

“Faraday Future’s mission is to give our users their time back through seamless connectivity, serve as a breakthrough from the traditional automotive industry, introduce a new business model that moves beyond the traditional means of selling cars and introduce extreme technology which means integrating artificial intelligence into our vehicles, creating an advanced interface that is always learning about its users.”

The startup’s innovative engineering will be a force to be reckoned with in the EV industry – not to mention the automotive industry as whole. In the next few years, as FF begins producing different EV segments and continues to develop its AI, expect FF to become a major contender in the EV industry currently dominated by Tesla. FF welcomes the challenge of being the New Kid on the EV Block with the belief that, “the industry will benefit from more players helping to advance e-mobility product catalog and simultaneously move the automotive industry forward”. With the ever changing needs of the consumer in mind, the new EV automaker plans to change the playing field of the automotive industry by developing AI in order to create an adaptive driving experience.

As mentioned, the people at FF strongly believe that vehicles currently on the market do not meet drivers’ needs or expectations. This is where FF plans to establish its competitive advantage and seize the opportunity to “better meet the demands with their technology hungry individuals”. The company’s artificial intelligence will “connect people to their vehicle and content seamlessly”.  If successful, FF will solidify its place in the EV market and automotive industry. The future is just around the corner for FF, all it needs to do is start the ignition.


Check out the full transcript of the interview here.

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