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The Rock Cars: The Ones He Can Drive, The Ones He Probably Wishes He Could


Dwayne Johnson – WWE wrestler, actor, Ford spokesperson, and now possibly politician? Whatever Dwayne The Rock Johnson does, you can be sure that you’ll at least be thoroughly entertained with his boastful personality and mesmerized by that freakish white smile of his. Seriously, he must have a stockpile of Crest White Stripes. And don’t get me started on those eyebrows…

Facial features aside, The Rock has also become notorious for his 6’5”, 270 pound build that could quite literally snap you in half. But don’t worry, while he might be capable of such things, he is also known to be a friendly giant – as Ford teases in a 2015 post about the wrestler-turned-actor. The automaker also makes a point of telling us all that Dwayne The Rock Johnson is quite the car guy, too.  

While I can’t jump on board with ‘The Rock for President’ quite yet, I most certainly can jump into a few of Dwayne Johnson’s cars. Probably more comfortably than he can in all fairness.

Let’s take a look at what the The Rock has been spotted with over the years. Not all of these cars are his daily drivers, some of these Dwayne Johnson cars have been used during filming or made red carpet appearances at Hollywood premieres.  However, a few of the cars he’s been spotted with, he physically can’t drive due to his size. But in all cases, Dwayne Johnson knows what’s up when it comes to a rock-solid whip — even if he can’t always fit in it.


Dwayne Johnson Cars: Not All Cars Are ‘One Size Fits All’


The Ferrari LaFerrari That ‘Daddy Don’t Fit’


Starting the list off with a supercar for a superstar, the Ferrari LaFerrari. This supercar is one of the fastest cars in the world. But beyond that, with its hybrid powertrain, the supercar is a part of the elite, one percentile realm of hypercars. Much like The Rock and his own elite status quo.

The Ferrari LaFerrari is capable of hitting a max speed of 217 MPH and only takes 2.6 seconds to go from 0-60 MPH.

This particular matte white hyper whip, similar to the one above, was seen on the set of The Rock’s TV series, Ballers, where the actor and the Ferrari had some challenges with one another — dimensionally that is. It seems that the 6’5” wrestler couldn’t fit in the highly sought after, expensive Ferrari. Unfortunately, The Rock in a car like the LaFerrari is a no-go. Must have been pretty tough for him as only 25 of the matte white LeFerraris were produced.

But don’t take my word for it, The Rock tells his fans in a Facebook post that while he “can admire, touch and play with this Ferrari… Daddy don’t fit in it”.


Dwayne Johnson’s Close Encounter with the Ford GT 2017


Okay so I know that Dwayne Johnson loves Ford, and being that he is an official brand ambassador seen in many of their commercials, I think is safe to assume the feeling is mutual.

He spent quite a bit of time at the Ford factory in Detroit where he laid eyes on the Ford GT 2017. While I’d like to tell you that this is a car that Dwayne Johnson got to drive, the size of the road-legal racing car was once again problematic. But at least he was in the presence of the very iconic GT, right? Sadly, this is not going to be one of the cars that Dwayne The Rock Johnson will be adding to his collection. Not unless Ford builds a Dwayne-size version of it at least.

Regardless of the bitter sweet encounter, the iconic 2017 Ford GT is worth mentioning. Top speed of 216 MPH, 0-60 MPH in 2.9 seconds, 647 HP, and lateral g’s that are supposedly like a punch straight to the gut. Yeah, I’d say it must of been hard for this car guy not to be able to hop inside. Poor Dwayne!


The Dwayne Johnson Truck, Better Known as ‘The Black Horse’



Enough with the car teasers. Good news: Dwayne Johnson in a car that fits him! Well, actually a truck. Now this beast of a Ford F-150 has been spotted numerous times being driven by the Hollywood actor and is a highlight of the Dwayne Johnson Car Collection. Not because it is the fastest or fanciest cars, but because it’s damn powerful and it has been customized for The Rock Johnson by Ford, making it all the more amazing. So now we have affirmation that the feeling is really mutual between The Rock and this major automotive manufacturer. It isn’t every day that Ford customizes a car for someone, right?

One thing is for sure about Dwayne Johnson’s F-150, there’s no dimensional challenges here. That said, it has become the wrestler’s daily commuter. Not your average daily commuter, now is it? But The Rock is certainly not your average commuter either.

The blacked-out custom Ford truck is a force to be reckoned with. A truck befitting a man who has won 17  wrestling championship reigns and was a force to be reckoned with in the ring as well. Since the wrestler-gone-actor has a massive following on Instagram, he chose to show off his new truck to all his devoted followers. He dubbed his truck “Black Horse”, referencing a famous Johnny Cash song. Check out his Insta post and take a look at the all black custom Ford F150.

So the actor might not fit into some of those supercars, but Dwayne The Rock Johnson car collection gets mad points for his kickass customized F150.


Dwayne Johnson Has Options, OK?


Other vehicles that have been spotted in the Dwayne Johnson car collection — ones that he can actually fit into — are a 1997 Plymouth Prowler, a Rolls Royce Wraith, and a Cadillac Escalade. So while Dwayne Johnson and his F150 have a special bond, he has options.

There’s also been another mention of a Dwayne Johnson’s Black Gorilla pickup truck. This time Mr. Johnson took to Twitter and told the world about his love for this Ford truck…And his love for leg day.


Dwayne Johnson Squeeze Into a Pagani Huayra


Ending the list on a high note as this Pagani Huayra is a car that Dwayne Johnson does fit into and is able to drive — albeit a very tight fit no doubt.  He showed up to the Ballers Season 2 premiere in this one. If you’ve seen the TV series, Ballers, then you know that this vehicle fits the cast of cars that appear in the show.

This Pagani is not a part of The Rock’s car collection as the actor borrowed it from Brett David, owner of Pagani Miami. The Pagani Huayra ‘Project Volcan’ is custom built with a clear carbon fiber body complimented by four vibrant red wheels and a luxurious red leather interior. Props to Dwayne for showing up in style and for managing to squeeze himself into the driver’s seat of this custom Pagani.


That’s Not All He Should Be Given Props For


Dwayne Johnson Ford ambassador doesn’t just own few Fords of his own, but he has a tendency to give them away to unsuspected, deserving people as gifts. With the help of Ford, Dwayne Johnson gave a Mustang to a US Army Combat Veteran. There has been a few other times where he has surprised a family member as well.

The Rock’s upcoming movie Jumanji is lighting up social feeds as we’re all excited to see the remake with all the latest and greatest CGI and of course, the always entertaining Dwayne Johnson. What fate do the dice hold?

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    Gee, i have never seen Ballers – shame on me. Now i must watch it. I see The Rock has a taste for exotic cars. The La Ferrari – it must be very hard to simply watch it and glide the palm over it, knowing you cannot take her to a ride.
    The Plymouth – actually, one of the ugliest cars i have ever seen. Wonder how would he look inside a Smart.

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