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DIY Car Hacks for Your Next Road Trip – IKEA Style

Car Hacks for your Next Road Trip  — Ikea style


With cars getting smaller and more compact by the day, space can become a problem when hitting the road for a family road trip. For bigger vehicles like SUVs and trucks, space might not be an issue but proper storage can be tough. But there is hope! This week’s edition of DIY Car Hacks uses IKEA products that’ll transform your car or truck ready for a road trip.


The Sortera Stashes your Guilt Away!


It is 100% acceptable for junk food to be your main source of nutrition while road tripping, but you don’t really want to see everything that you eat, right? The Sortera (only $9.99) will not only help keep your car clean from garbage and wrappers, but will also rid you of the guilt of eating those Fritos and your favorite chocolate bar…twice.

The What: A waste bin with a lid, white color.

The How: This little trash can is small enough to fit comfortably in the car. Having a lid is definitely useful when driving in case of sudden stops or quick turns.

Plus, with its foldable lid you can easily open it even when there are things piled on top of it so you can quickly stash the evidence. And POOF! Out of sight, out of mind. No guilt. Like it never happened.

The Skubb Hub

There never seems to be enough room in those map pockets and worse yet, in certain trim levels, you may not even have any. This can be very frustrating when you’re driving and need to quickly find something. So rather than stuffing your glove box or console with stuff, the Skubb can be your hub for all things important while driving.

The What: A hanging shoe organizer with a total of 16 pockets, white or black.

The How: Use a hanging shoe organizer to keep your stuff organized. Cut to desired size. Hang on back of seat with string or bungee. Passenger side is best so you can easily reach something while driving.

Another great Ikea product for next to nothing (only $4.99). And since it comes in both black and white it can match your interior too!

The Skubb 2.0


Within the same line of Ikea products, there is another version of The Skubb organizers that proves to be very effective in organizing your trunk.

The What: A box with six compartments, black, white, or even pink!

The How:  Measuring 17 ¼” x 13 ½” x 4 ½” this Skubb organizer can easily fit in the back of your trunk – car or truck. Place box in trunk. You might even be able to fit two depending on the size of your vehicle. Use its six handy compartments to organize belongings such as clothes, toiletries, camping gear or anything else you may be bringing with you. Zip up the case and voila!

Your stuff is protected from dirt and Ikea even says your items will “stay fresh longer, as ventilation nets in the corners allow air to circulate”. Thank you Ikea for this great DIY Car Hack!

Thwart Boredom with a Flort

Traveling with kids can be quite the undertaking. As a parent, you need to not only make sure they are safe, but entertained while driving. They need their toys and prized possession close to them at all times. What better way to thwart boredom than with a flort.

The What: A remote control pocket, black.

The How: This may seem unusual but it actually works. Designed to hold a remote control, this organizer can also act as a perfect way to keep your kids within reaching distance of their toys. Just hang from one of the map pockets. No map pockets? No problem. This organizer can be draped on an empty seat or over  a backrest. You’ll have to fit it between the posts.

By keeping your kids close to their stuff and entertained, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road – for the most part anyways.

Save Time with a Bryne


Your trunk is packed and the seats are taken up by passengers, dogs, or more stuff – but you still need more storage. You should probably consider leaving a few things behind if that’s the case. But hey, sometimes you just need that extra bit of storage. Ikea once again has you covered, with the Bryne at an affordable price of $19.99!

The What: A net, white.

The How: Simple and requires only your coat hook. Hang net on coat hook and make sure it is secure so nothing can fall out.. The Bryne is a super easy way to give yourself that last bit of storage that you thought you didn’t need. Because it is as simple as hanging the net on the hook, you won’t need to rearrange anything or repack your car.

One suggestion would be to avoid storing candy here, especially if you have dogs or kids sitting in the back seat. You might find yourself with a super sick dog or a very hyper kid.

Do you have any other brilliant DIY Car Hacks using Ikea products? Comment if you do!

Check back next week for another round of DIY Car Hacks! Thanks for reading.


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