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6 Cool Custom Cars Made of Stuff – Lego car, Ice car…

Some people get really creative and ambitious in pushing the limits of making cool custom cars. The most impressive efforts are those that get rid of the standard car frame – and produce a vehicle body from something entirely unexpected. Our choices for the 6 best cars “made of stuff” are:

1) This may not be the fastest car, but its definitely one of the coolest custom cars :p

Ever since Frozen came out, everyone is talking about ice. Even so much that the store chain Canadian Tire built their very own ice truck! Apparently, the idea formed because they wanted to make batteries interesting, which as chief operator says is a hard task to accomplish. The fact that the truck actually moves and can be driven is incredible! Slowly of course…. Regardless, this really does hype up the idea of car batteries. Elsa would be impressed!. The only thing that this campaign stunt could have used is their very own comic relief, like Olaf. Definitely a winner in the cool custom cars category.

Just in case you question Olaf’s comic relief… Please view this video



2) Pinocchio’s Very Own Wooden Car!

Okay, so we all know that Pinocchio can’t drive… He’s not a real boy after all…But this car would definitely be his first choice because just like him, its made of wood! Not a simple task to accomplish, but apparently Joe Harmon was up to the task  as WOOD Magazine wrote. This car is pretty legit with capability of hitting 240 MPH same speed that the McLaren F1. He is calling it the “Splinter”. Kind of sounds like a super hero car name, kind of like the Batmobile. Who would it get paired up with? Probably should be Johnny Storm, the human torch — would be hazardous

3) Willy Wonka’s Dream Machine 

Just imagine this: wind in his hair, hands on the dark chocolate steering wheel, speeding around with a lollipop in his mouth, Wonka would of taken some delicious joy rides in this car that’s made of chocolate. Yummy! This creative auto body was made for the 2010 World Chocolate Wonderland exhibition hosted in Beijing. Can you imagine how much chocolate went into making this sweet ride? The real trick is to keep this Chocolate Car from melting!

4) How AWESOME is this Car!!

Who wouldn’t want to drive a life size Lego Car? We all played with Lego cars as kids right. But who would of thought someone could make life size versions of the very same toy car you drove around your little track. Not to mention that it runs on AIR. Wanna know what they called this craft project? The #SuperAwesomeMicroProject! Seems fitting. They clearly could foretell the future and what would be the theme song for for the Lego Movie that came out only a few months after this car was completed — that or or they had some serious inside scoop to it. Whatever the case, this car is Super awesome.

A crowd-funded effort that allowed them to take 500,000 Lego bricks and 256 pistons and design a hot rod-esque masterpiece. The car, from engine to seats, is made completely from the tiny bricks, with the exception of a few structural parts including wheels, tires, and gauges.


5) The Most Expensive Car 


In the world of Lamborghini there is no such thing as too luxurious. Just when you thought that their cars couldn’t get any more expensive, their new Gold proves otherwise. This bad boy is apparently worth 7.5 million dollars. It is quite literally worth its weight in gold, you know what with being carved out of a solid block of gold weighing 500 kilograms. But it doesn’t stop there, it also has precious gems for detailing. Crazy, right? The Guinness Book of World Records thinks so too and this car led got three entries: World’s Most Expensive Car, the highest security showcase, plus the logo being dubbed one of the most luxurious and expensive. I guess you get what you pay for when you are buying a gold car!

6) wuh-PSSSH – The wonders of Spandex reveals in car form 

Another unusual car, this creative auto body from BMW is actually made of spandex. Like many super hero get-ups, this car allows for good air flow, flexibility, and easy wall scaling. And of course a firm derrière. Mmm, not actually, but the real reason for its conceptualization is to make cars lighter, faster, more economic, and – of course – more fuel efficient. What is cool is that is that the car made of spandex actually allows for it to be a shapeshifter… So maybe we really could call it a superhero car. While this car hasn’t been developed yet, it is definitely still a creative auto body idea that is worth checking out.

These cars throw regular car materials right out the window – and try something unique. There are tons of other cool custom cars made of strange materials out there. How about Googling around for images of other cars made of cool stuff? Post your favorites in in the comments below!


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