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5 Weird (But Awesome) DIY Car Hacks You MUST Try

These Funny Car Hacks Just Might Make your Day!


This week’s batch of DIY Car Hacks is not your usual fixer upper tips and tricks. But rather, a small collection of funny and unusual car hacks that you may have never thought of using before.

Keep your Chin Up


How many times have you been sitting there fighting with your garage door opener?

You press the button, wait…Nothing. Press the button again, wait…still nothing… Third time, press the button and wait. NOTHING!

Finally, you either have to waive your hand outside the car trying to get that extra inch closer to the sensor. Or worse, you have to get out of your car. At this point you might as well have just parked in your driveway or on the street! Well here’s a brilliantly, albeit unusual car hack that’ll solve this daily annoyance.

The What: Add yards onto your garage Fob

The How: Take your Fob and place on your chin… That’s all you have to do! Your head works as a conductor to give your Fob more range

Ps. this also works for when you can’t find your car in a parking lot or underground parkade. It’ll help increase the range so you don’t have to desperately pace up and down the lanes of parked cars.

You may look crazy doing it, but it’s better than losing your mind trying to get your garage door to open. What’s crazier really?


Bye-Bye Birdy


While this one may be questionable, it could very well be the most hysterical solution to avoid getting pooped on

by birds – especially during the summer when birds are everywhere.

The What: Avoid getting bird bombed with a toy snake??

The How: This says it all…:

This hilarious hack found on is possibly the most unusual DIY car hacks, but also one of the best!


Just Drink It


For one reason or another, certain trim levels do not come equipped with cup holders. Who knows why?

But in case you are one of the lucky ones, here’s a nifty trick. Sometimes in older cars and trucks especially, there is a lack of cup holders. This can be super annoying – but there is a solution. Use a shoe!

The What: Create a cup holder out of a running shoe

The How: Self-explanatory. But make sure to find a flat surface or tuck it somewhere safe. For a more secure cup holder, you can use duct tape to hold it in place.

Definitely choose a non-stinky shoe. Now that’s thinking on your feet!



Don’t Plunge into Despair!


Even some of the best drivers out there manage to dent their brand new 2015 Ford F150 or Dodge Ram Pickup. While something like this can ruin your day, this DIY Car Hack might make it a bit better.

The What: Use a toilet plunger to remove minor dents on your car.

The How: For a visual representative of this unusual car hack, please view video below

Rather than plunging into despair because you just dented your car, literally try plunging!


Itzza Hot Pizza!


If you’re favorite night of the week is Pizza Night, then you, like thousands of others,  know what it is like to pick up your hot, delicious Al Forno pizza on the way home from work just to get stuck in the 5 o’clock traffic jam.

Unlike when pizza is delivered to your door, you don’t have those pizza warmers. But you do have the next best thing!

The What: Got a seat warmer? Use it to keep your precious pizza warm and delicious until you get home

The How: Turn on heat warmer to a setting that’ll give a “full” warming effect.

Don’t worry too much about it being put on high.If it could burn through a box, it’d be able to burn your butt too, right



Have any other unusual but funny DIY Car Hacks that you use?

Please comment below. Thanks for readying!

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