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5 DIY Car Hacks to Keep You Cool This Summer

Stay Cool without AC while driving this Summer


This summer has been a scorcher! For all you lucky drivers who have that oh-so-nice air conditioning, your car is a cooling oasis.

But for those who have an older truck or car without A/C, your vehicle literally becomes a hot, uninhabitable desert. Even with the windows down, your car just gets hotter by the minute.

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In case you’re one of the many drivers out there melting away in your car this summer, check out these DIY Car Hacks that’ll Keep You Cool even without that luxurious AC.

Science is Cool!


Starting with this simple trick found on Life Hacker, using only the nature of physics! Don’t worry this isn’t going to get all Sheldon-like!

The What: Use your door as a fan to push hot air OUT of your car. No tools required.

The How:  Roll down one of your car windows all the way. Open and close opposite door repeatedly.

Since hot air rises, as you open and close the door, you push out the air inside the car, exchanging it for more temperate air from the outside. Go science!

This will definitely help take the initial edge off when entering into your Ford or Dodge truck after baking in the sun for hours.



No Ifs, Ands or Burnt Butts


One of the worst feelings ever is hopping into your car with shorts and… OUCH! The hot seats give your leg and butt a nice little sear.

Here’s one tip that’ll keep the burning to a minimum!

The What: Cover seats with blankets. Better results when light colored blankets are used.

The How:  Pretty self-explanatory… but cover all seats with blankets in order to keep direct sun off of them. Refrain from using black or dark colored blankets as these will only attract the sun.

This will be a big help in keeping your seats a bit cooler, so they don’t burn your butt when hopping into the car.

Ice Ice Baby


Now for a DIY Car Hack that’ll help cool you down while driving. This one is super simple, but extremely effective when it comes to those hot summer days when you’re stuck in traffic.

The What: Frozen water bottles create a DIY ice pack.

The How:  Fill bottles almost full. Freeze over night to make sure they are really frozen. Place bottles behind neck and lower back.

If it’s too cold to have them against your bare neck, wrap a cloth around them and slide a rubber band around it to keep the cloth on there. .

And hey! When they start to melt, you’ll have cold drinking water to cool you down. Even better!

Play it Cool, My Friends


Another great DIY Hack from WikiHow on keeping yourself cool all summer long.

Even though you don’t have AC, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a DIY, makeshift version of one!

The What: Cool, damp cloths.

The How:  Place cloths over the middle vent of your car or truck. Turn on air full blast.

And there you have it, a makeshift air conditioner! Well, kind of. But at least the air coming out of the vent is much cooler.



Cooler for Longer


There is still time this summer to hit the road and do some travelling and/or camping. But without AC, driving in the heat can be almost unbearable. Especially when travelling in the South, where temperatures reach almost 100°F.

Here’s a trick that’ll keep those bottle and cloths colder for longer.

The How: Use a portable cooler and LOTS of ice.  

The What: Fill cooler half way, place frozen bottles and cloths, and fill the remainder of the cooler with ice. Make sure lid is on there to stay. Place cooler in a secure and well shaded spot. Cover with blanket to keep cool as well.

As your frozen bottles will eventually get warm and no longer have the same cooling effect, swap them out for a new one from the cooler. Same deal for the cloths.

Inevitably, the ice will melt, but at least you’re staying cooler for longer. The water will remain cold, so you’ll be able to throw you cloths into it to keep them cool.

These DIY Car Hacks are not the same as the real deal by a long shot. But at least they’ll make the heat a bit more manageable.


Hope this helps all you AC-less drivers out there! Thanks for reading.

Have any other cooling techniques? Comment below.

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